Successful careers event organised by CamBRAIN.

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CamBRAIN president Sally Jennings opening the event

After getting a degree in neuroscience, there are many exciting career options available to you. Some people choose to stay in academia, while others may want to explore jobs in industry, science communication, or policy. A science degree is highly valued in a variety of sectors and companies, which can be easily forgotten by graduates. Therefore, CamBRAIN – The Cambridge Neuroscience Society organised a careers event on Monday 25th April. They invited professionals from a wide range of companies to speak about their current employer, role, and career progression.

The first speaker was Dr Deniz Vatansever, who recently started a post-doc at the University of York after completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge. While at Cambridge, he was involved in founding CamBRAIN and served as the first president of the society. He spoke about many unsuccessful applications during his career and stressed the importance of being persistent – he got where he is by “a combination of luck and hard work”. Read the rest of this entry »