CamBRAIN at the Cambridge Science Festival

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As thousands of people converged on the Cambridge Guildhall for one of the Science Festival’s biggest weekends, CamBRAIN were ready!

Members of CamBRAIN volunteered a few hours of their time on the 16th and 17th March 2019 to teach the public about the brain. We built neurons out of pipe cleaners, felt and wool and we didn’t forget any important details – the cell body, axon, dendrites and even the myelin sheath were included in our models.

At the CamBRAIN stand we also had anatomically correct ‘Brain Hats’. Members of the public cut, stuck and folded their brain hemispheres to learn about where the different brain regions are and what they do.

Lisa Duan, one of our Social Secretaries, also participated in ‘Meet the Scientist’. Lisa talked about her own PhD research in neuroscience and answered questions from a very engaged group of Science Festival attendees.

Over the two-day event, we made about 400 neurons and 200 brain hats! A special thank you to all of our volunteers: Miranda, Aleya, Eva, Kirstie, Jialin, Noa, Lemona, Maisha, Adjima, Ong, Laura, and committee members Lisa, Nayantara, Arko, Elena and Alice. 




Get in touch through our website or Facebook page if you would like to be involved in future CamBRAIN outreach events.

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