Elections 2018 – Vote for CamBRAIN Executive Committee

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Who will be on your next CamBRAIN committee?

Here are the candidates:


Alice White

Alice White

My name is Alice–I’m a Kiwi/British hybrid in the first year of my PhD in the Department of Clinical Neuroscience.

I previously completed an MPhil in PDN, too. I’m an experienced leader, engaged with Cambridge alumni, and I have considerable practice in time and people management. I captained the rowing team during my undergraduate degree at UCLA and I competed for Cambridge in two boat races. I’m currently traveling the world on a fellowship to meet Cambridge alumni. I’ve been a member of CamBRAIN for two years and I want to bring vibrancy and diverse connections as your President.



Elena Mainetto


My name is Elena Mainetto and I am a Research Assistant in the Psychiatry Department, where I work on understanding the environmental determinants of eating behaviour. I have a BA in Biology and a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience. I have taken part in several CamBrain events and became passionate about the idea of promoting Neuroscience within a fun environment. I therefore would be delighted to be part of the Committee as Secretary. I believe that my vast experience in organising and promoting events, combined with my out-going personality and my love for science would make
me an excellent secretary.




Monica Killen


I’m a 2nd year PhD candidate in the Clinical Neurosciences department studying metabolism and inflammation in traumatic brain injury. In my research I investigate the effects of supplementing the brain’s energy production process as a potential therapy. CamBRAIN is a great place to share your passion for neuroscience with students and members of the community. I am really excited to continue contributing to the society as Junior Treasurer, running talks, getting people involved in all our events, and facilitating inclusive science communication!




Nayantara Ramamoorthy

NantaraHello, I’m Nayantara, a second year PhD student in Psychology. My research looks at individual differences in attention processes, particularly autistic traits, and how this may have implications for social processing.

I would like to apply for the post of communications coordinator. I have previously worked at an early intervention centre for autism in India, where one fulfilling aspect of my job was engaging with parents and the wider community to create support and awareness networks.

I attended CamBRAIN events last year and found the society to be a great platform to bring together the diverse strands of the neuroscience research community: researchers, professionals, and members of the public. Importantly, it gave me a sense of belonging. If elected, I would like to contribute to communicating science meaningfully and fostering a space where people with varied interests feel welcome.




Lisa Duan

Lisa Duan Photo

Hello! I am going to my third year of PhD in Experimental Psychology, studying the
neurobiological mechanisms that underlie compulsive behaviours in disorders such as
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In the past year I have been part of the CamBRAIN
committee and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the larger neuroscience community as well as organising events that encourage communications between neuroscientists. I have also organised and ran themed events and public engagement activities as part of my college’s MCR committee and neuroscience outreach. This year I aim to realise more events that foster social engagements and networking within and beyond the Cambridge community. I would be thrilled to be able to continue my contribution in connecting people who are interested in neuroscience.



Naunehal Singh


Hi my name is Naunehal Singh, I am researching neurodegeneration here at Cambridge. I was a part of a neuroscience society at university, where I enjoyed engaging with the wider community about this rapidly expanding field. So naturally, I attended many CamBRAIN events which was an excellent opportunity to engage with fellow neuroscientists and learn about cutting-edge multidisciplinary research at Cambridge. I am passionate to be a part of the CamBRAIN executive committee as social secretary in order to organise events to facilitate the society’s efforts to foster collaboration and communication within the Neuroscience field.





Deniz Ghaffari

edenizHello everyone! My name is Deniz Ghaffari and I am a Third-year PhD candidate in Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) working on rare coding mutations involved in development of Alzheimer’s disease. I specifically study the role of ABI3, an adaptor protein involved in cytoskeleton rearrangement, together with TREM2-PLCG2 pathway in microglia phagocytosis and migration. Last year I was a CamBRAIN committee member as an “Outreach Coordinator”. It has been a very rewarding and exciting experience and I’m so keen to stay on the same role for the academic year of 2018-2019. I look forward to yet another year of REACHING OUT and bridging the gap by organising more neuroscience related events for students and the public!




Arkoprovo Paul

ArkoI am Arko, a PhD student in Autism Research Centre, Psychiatry, working at Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine. I have had the opportunity to explore diverse research areas in molecular and cognitive neurosciences, such as cellular signaling in glioblastoma (2011-12), neuroimaging in music cognition (2013-14) and early intervention in children with Autism (2014-15). Currently I am studying synaptic connectivity in Autism using stem cell derived cortical neurons. Beyond research, my curiosity towards the principles of “neuroaesthetics” fosters my passion for songwriting, painting and music production. Having served as CamBRAIN Interest Groups Coordinator last year, I am keen to continue in this role and bring in exciting academic and social event ideas for all neuroscience aficionados.


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