CamBRAIN at the Cambridge Science Festival

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CamBRAIN was a proud collaborator of the 2018 Cambridge Science Festival. The aim of the Festival is to provide opportunities to explore and discuss all things scientific and to encourage young and the old alike to learn more about science – so it was a perfect match for CamBRAIN! We sent up a stall at the Guidhall on the 18th of March and our CamBRAINers were flooded with joy by curious bright young children wanting to make their own neurons out of playdough, have their face painted (with beautiful neurons, of course!) and make paper hats that showed the intricate functional anatomy of the brain. We also had cool smartphone microscopes that allowed us to see some real neurons in a slice of a mouse’s brain.  At the same time we partnered up with Neural Knitworks and helped in their stall to make multi coloured fabric neurons with buttons as nucleus. Who said scientists can’t be creative?!

No matter the activity it spurred lots of interesting questions from our new friends in science, some of which we are still trying to answer with our research so it was nice to also share a bit of the current work being done besides some more general facts about the brain. We had lots of fun. We loved to see you there, if you’ve missed it don’t worry – we can’t wait to do this again next year!

Article written by Marta Camacho – Social Secretary

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