Elections 2017 – CamBRAIN executive committee

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Who will be on your next CamBRAIN committee?

Here are the candidates:



Kate Harris

kate.jpgMy name is Kate Harris and I am a first-year PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences.

I would love to be on the CamBRAIN committee because I am extremely passionate about neuroscience and I would like to be involved in connecting and engaging fellow neuroscientists! I have really enjoyed the events that the current committee has organized this year, in particular, the NeuroArt competition.

I would like to apply for the position as President for CamBRAIN. I think I would be a valuable member of the committee because I enjoy working in a team and I have gained experience in organizing projects and liaising with organizations during four years working in the business world prior to starting my PhD.


Christina Bitsara


I wish to be considered for the position of President. I am currently completing my MPhil in medical genetics and I will be studying graduate course in Medicine in September. My BSc degree was in Neuroscience and my aim is to specialise in neurology upon completion of my medical degree. This year, I attended multiple events of CamBrain and I was very impressed by the enthusiasm of their members and the range of topics they touched upon and I am very passionate about participating in the committee next year.

As NeuroSoc President for two years at King’s College London, I helped organise academic talks and three day-long conferences. Our keynote speakers were leading researchers in their fields, including Sir Colin Blakemore and Nobel Laurette Prof John O’Keefe. I was also one of the founding members of LSNeuron which is a collaboration among neuroscience societies from 5 London universities which aimed to create a networking platform for neuroscience students in London, as well as students of relevant fields such as Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy and Arts. We successfully held a two-day conference for 600 delegates and raised over £3,000 via our fundraising event ‘Skydive for Epilepsy’ donated to Epilepsy UK research.

I would love the opportunity to be involved this year in CamBrain and participate in the organization of the society’s events, aiming to introduce students to the latest research that is taking place in Cambridge and worldwide.



Marino Krstulovic

marino.jpgMy name is Marino Krstulovic, I am currently a research assistant working on developing electrophysiological techniques in sheep models of Huntington’s disease at the Morton Lab at PDN. During my undergraduate degree I was the co-founder of the psychology society of my University, and during my Masters I was the welfare officer of my MCR. CamBRAIN and CamNeuro have established amazing foundations which have unified the diverse neuro-scientific research community in Cambridge.

After being elected as a CamBrain secretary last year I am keen to continue this role in order to foster further collaborations, learning and socializing in our research community.



Monica Killen



I am a first-year PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences, studying metabolism in traumatic brain injury. I have only just arrived in Cambridge but really enjoyed attending the events run by CamBRAIN in the last two months. It has been great for meeting other neuroscience students and I’ve quite enjoyed learning more about topics outside my own field at the talks.

I would just like to get more involved and help out! I have been part of several student society committees in my undergrad and look forward to bringing some new ideas for CamBRAIN’s science communication efforts.



Palani GN Emmanuel College, Medicine

I FEEL THAT I AM A TRUSTWORTHY, RELIABLE AND METICULOUS INDIVIDUAL. I will always be there making sure finances are in the right place at the right time, but never noticed.

I HAVE A NATURAL INCLINATION TO KEEPING NUMBERS IN CHECK AND SOLVING ANY DISCREPANCIES THAT MAY ARISE. Furthermore, I enjoy making and finding deals. To be also part of CamBrain and facilitating the sharing of ground-breaking ideas among great minds makes it all the more interesting.

Secured a significant sponsorship and had to manage several large setbacks in planning large events
Had to look for opportunities and make deals on the various different currency exchanges to profit bigly




Bianca Olteanbianca

My name is Bianca Oltean and I joined the Psychiatry Department in January this year as a research assistant. Since then I thoroughly enjoyed attending the events organised by CamBRAIN and I wish to take this opportunity to get involved in shaping the future of our vibrant society as the next Communications Coordinator. I have extensive experience in working within committees and representing students in roles such as Deputy Chair of the Student Committee at the British Psychological Society, Education Rep & Deputy Chair of the International Students’ Association and Faculty Coordinator of Hull University Union.



Lisa Duan


I am finishing my first-year PhD in Psychology, looking at the neural circuitry underlying obsessive-compulsive disorder. Before my PhD I have worked at a national museum as the head interpreter for over a year. Besides supervising and coordinating the heritage interpreters, I organised and led educational programs, volunteer trainings, special events, and much more. Ever since I arrived in Cambridge I have been following the activities in CamBRAIN. As a member of the neuroscience community, I want to contribute my share of effort in organising events that are valuable experiences, socially or academically, for everyone who are interested in neuroscience.



Marta Camacho


I’m a research assistant at Roger Barker’s lab with a keen interest in science communication. Before coming to Cambridge I volunteered for 4 years with “Ar” – a science outreach programme in Portugal. Ar events are free events for the general public (usually around 400 people) in the form of 2 expert talks, demonstrations or interactive games to the audience. Past speakers include Miguel Nicolelis, Ed Boyden, and Deborah Gordon). In 2011 and 2016, I headed two Ar events on the brain-gut axis and on pain (please visit http://www.ar.fchampalimaud.org/) and I really miss it! I would love to join the CamBRAIN team and continue to foster the idea of why science is important as well as surprisingly fun!




Deniz Ghaffari


Hi, my name is Deniz Ghaffari. I’m a first year PhD student in the department of  clinical neuroscience. As an international student who was new to Cambridge, I was always interested in communicating with other institutions and societies  related to neuroscience and stablishing more connections. Back in the university  I did my undergrad I was a member of our department’s biological society for  four years and I have experience in scheduling events, talks and seminars both for the scientific community and the public. Here in Cambridge I’m willing to  continue this by applying for the “Outreach coordinator” position in CAMBRAIN  committee.



Yizhou Wanyizou

My name is Yizhou, I am a part-time MPhil student at Queens working on brain tumours. Alongside my research, I am also a trainee in Neurological Surgery at Oxford and an honorary clinical RA at Imperial College London. I would like to apply for the role of an outreach coordinator to promote CamBRAIN to the public and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations across academia and industry.

At medical school, I co-founded a charity organization and successfully organized a science communication conference. Leading my research across both Oxford, Cambridge, I am well placed to promote CamBRAIN between different areas and teams.




Arko Paul

arkoI’m Arko, a 2nd year PhD student in Psychiatry and a Johnian. I am studying synaptic connectivity in Autism using human stem cell-derived cortical neurons. Having savoured the diverse flavours of Neuroscience ranging from inflammation in glioblastoma (2011-12) to neuroimaging in music cognition (2013-14) and intervention for children with Autism (2014-15), I learned to appreciate the importance of cross-talk between niche areas. I also enjoy shooting with a DSLR, designing theater sets, doodling with charcoals and meddling with guitar-pedals. I cherish being a founding-member of Synaesthesia, an all-young-neuroscientist-band, and organizing Planet Autism, annual exhibition of paintings by gifted children from all across India. As a current member of BNA and SFN, I am deeply motivated to contribute creatively to CamBRAIN by bringing the raging topics to the fore and the Brainiacs in an arena to ‘fire together and wire together’.

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