Executive committee elections – 2nd Social Secretary

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Voting for the position of the second Social Secretary of CamBRAIN will open at 12pm on Thursday 20th of October!


Below are the two candidates and their short manifestos:

Christof Gaunt



Hello, my name is Christof and I would love to be your social secretary. Why?:

S: tudying for my PhD in Clinical Neuroscience
O: bviously the one for the job
C: ommitted to forging interdisciplinary relationships throughout Cambridge University and the UK
I: ncidently is passionate about neuroscience and neuroscience themed events
A: ctive in the community
L: oves to connect with others and help others connect through varied events

So if you agree, please, vote me for me, vote for Christof.


Jonathan Kanen



In my life as an MD/PhD psychiatrist, I aspire to bridge the basic neuroscience and clinical psychiatry communities, foster collaboration, communication, and training opportunities, fight stigma, and raise awareness about mental illness. These efforts will require all possible resources, and strengthening our young neuroscience community will be key. As social secretary, I will advance the commendable enterprise of our important society. I will strive for improved unity of all segments of the neuroscience community in Cambridge so as not to succumb to the geographic and departmental barriers that can hinder efforts towards our common goal: decoding the brain to alleviate human suffering. Oh, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m extremely social.


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