Executive Committee elections – Round 2

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Voting will open midday Thursday 9 June midday and close midnight Sunday 12 June.

Here are the candidates for round 2 of our committee elections:


AntoniaAntonina Kouli

My name is Antonina and I’m a 1st year PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences. I am currently co-organizer of the BRC After Hours Club for 1st year PhD students and I am very keen to join the CamBrain society and actively contribute! To me, a big part of the role of Communications Coordinator is to “sell” the society to new members and make them want to get – and stay involved. Cambridge has a vibrant neuroscience community, combining several exciting disciplines, however, often in the academic environment there is lack of communication between like-minded people. My aim will be to bridge that gap and get people excited about neuroscience, spark meaningful debates and spread the word!



kaiserKaiser Karim

My name is Kaiser Karim and I am a first year PhD student in Dr Mark Kotter’s group from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. I am also a member of Downing College. My research is on modelling white matter diseases using human oligodendrocytes derived through forward programming.

I wish to be your next Interest groups coordinator mainly because I want to ensure CamBrain will continue to host great and exciting events for everyone. As an Interests group coordinator, I will have a direct role in making sure of this. As an undergraduate back in Malaysia, I was a committee member for a society that did various types of volunteer work. My main role was to micromanage the three volunteer groups that made up the society. Briefly after my degree, I was also the marketing manager for a start-up in Malaysia, which also gave me experience in management. Therefore, with my passion for the society and past experience, I believe I am the right candidate for this position.



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