Elections 2016 – CamBRAIN executive committee

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Who will be on your next CamBRAIN committee? These are the candidates:


 VeselinaVeselina Petrova

My name is Veselina and I am a PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences. This year CamBRAIN has played an essential role in shaping my learning experience at Cambridge – it helped me connect with fellow students and researchers and to hugely expand my interests. I would like to become part of this vibrant community and contribute to its activities in the role of President of CamBRAIN. I believe that my previous experiences in leadership roles such as being the President of BioPALS (a pioneer peer-assisted learning scheme), working as a Resident Assistant for Accommodation Services at Edinburgh University and my upcoming teaching experience at the Oxbridge Teaching Programme will greatly help me succeed in this position. My motivation is to work with my team towards praising, connecting and inspiring neuroscientists at Cambridge and beyond.



MarinoMarino Krtulovic

My name is Marino Krstulovic, I am currently a research assistant working on developing electrophysiological techniques in sheep models of Huntington’s disease at the Morton Lab at PDN. During my undergraduate degree I was the co-founder of the psychology society of my University, and during my Masters I was the welfare officer of my MCR. CamBRAIN and CamNeuro have established amazing foundations which have unified the diverse neuro-scientific research community in Cambridge. I am applying for this post because I am eager to further build upon this foundation in order foster further collaborations, learning and socialising in our research community.


VirginiaVirginia Rutten

The CamBRAIN events I’ve had the opportunity to attend have always been great and I’d be keen to get more involved in the society as secretary.

Brief background: I am a 4th year medical student currently intercalating for two years in the engineering department (masters with the computational and biological learning group). Current interests include neural networks and active sensing but I am generally curious about pretty much anything.

Relevant experience includes committee positions in:

  • SciSoc (3ys) speaker’s officer, membership officer, secretary;
  • BioSoc and EndrocrineSoc as webmaster.
  • Founding member of Cambridge Synthetic Biology society/project manager
  • Trinity Hall June Event Treasurer 2015

I hope my experience will help me contribute to maintaining the high standards of the society. (More simply: I love neuroscience and would really like the opportunity to get more involved with CamBRAIN)



AntoniaAntonia Kouli

I am Nina, a 1st year PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences and I am running for CamBrain’s Junior Treasurer.

Having attended several CamBrain events I am now very keen on actively contributing.

What can I offer? I am currently co-organizer of the BRC After Hours Club for 1st year PhD students. Additionally, during my employment as a research assistant, I handled a limited budget to manage my work, thus gaining valuable experience on the most efficient use of funds.

As your treasurer I will:

  • practice meticulous book-keeping
  • seek new funding sources and ensure that funds are managed efficiently
  • help organize more exciting events


HeleenHeleen van ‘t Spijker

My name is Heleen, I’m a second year PhD student in the department of clinical neuroscience. I would love to become junior treasurer for Cambrain. I have enjoyed some of the Cambrain activities this year, such as the pubquiz and the the neuroethics panel, and I would love to support Cambrain to organize more social and academic events. I am currently treasurer for the CR of St Edmund’s College, so I already have experience with taking care of financial responsibilities of an organization.




NatalyNataly Martynyuk

I was following CamBRAIN for 2 years whilst doing my PhD in Clinical Neuroscience, and I feel that I would love to contribute to society’s development. I believe I am a good match for a Social Secretary role. I attended and participated in many CamBRAIN events including talks and art competitions, so I am familiar with the scope and format of this society. My relevant experience includes being an academic representative and a conference organiser for Cambridge Neurological Society in 2015/16, as well as being a Journal Club and Events organiser at Queen Mary in London in 2013/14.




AichaAicha Massrali

I am a first year PhD student at the Autism Research Centre, and a proud activist for autism rights and awareness. I have had the privilege of working on autism awareness campaigns across Egypt for over four years. As a high-board member of Rotaract Cairo Royal (Rotary Club partner), I organized professional development sessions, autism awareness campaigns and participated in other impactful community projects. My passion for neuroscience and extensive experience in promoting awareness allows me to be confident in my ability to fulfil the responsibilities of outreach coordinator for the CamBrain EC. My aim is to effectively and clearly communicate science to “lay” people and further clarify the “grey” matters of neuroscience in fun and captivating ways.


HeidiHeidi Solberg Økland

My name is Heidi, and I’m a cognitive neuroscientist working on speech at the MRC CBU. I have been involved in science outreach for children (CHaOS) since the start of my PhD, and I recently did science outreach training at my department. As Outreach Coordinator, I would like to do at least two things: 1) Help resurrect the Naked Neuroscience podcast, which has a large international audience, by getting a group of CamBRAINiacs involved. 2) Put on regular events where we, the young neuroscientists of Cambridge, can meet non-neuroscientists and critically discuss current neuroscience research in an informal setting.



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